My Worst, Most Embarrassing Food Moments — I’ve Never Forgotten

Food is personal, that’s for sure


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No, this is not a piece about being overweight or overeating or anything like that.

These are simply stories I’m sharing to make you laugh or groan or cringe — and maybe remember some of your own.

Food is so personal. Some people love avocados, some hate them. Don’t get anyone started on the topic of oysters. And as for the vegetables we were made to eat when we were kids … yes, some of them are my favorites now, but it took a long time to get past the memories of being made to sit at the table for hours.

What — you mean your mom never made you do that? Those were the good old days when a plate of cauliflower or cabbage was considered good for you. Or else.

Anyway, here are my top three.

Mustard sandwich

Now, I don’t personally remember this one, but it’s a favorite story in my family, often told by my brother (the instigator) with the kind of glee in his eyes that was no doubt there all those years ago.

If you eat mustard, you will be familiar with the flavor called “Hot English Mustard”. It’s a fairly bright yellow, and boy, is it hot. Too much of that and your nose and sinuses instantly go into overdrive and your eyes water.

When I was about four, I loved butter. My brother made me a sandwich with a thick layer of Hot English Mustard and told me it was butter. So I ate the sandwich. I’m sure you can imagine the outcome. Screams and running to tell Mom what he did. Not sure he ever got punished for that, probably not judging by the gleam that is still there today.

I actually like mustard these days, but not so keen on butter.

The candy at Christmas

There’s a good reason I hate being photographed or videoed, and this food experience sums it up perfectly. We were invited to have Christmas lunch at friends of my sister’s, where they put out a lot of lovely food on the large table. It also involved the male friend with his new video camera/Christmas present.

The real food (meat and salad and stuff) wasn’t ready so we ate the treats on…



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