Is It Possible We Have Lived Past Lives? Or Is It All Just Silly Fantasizing?

I’d be a skeptic, too, if I hadn’t had a weird experience of my own


Not the place in my dream! Photo by Ivy Barn on Unsplash

Many of us have weird experiences that we don’t talk about, simply to avoid strange looks or scorn from skeptics. One of these is dreaming about a place and time that you couldn’t possibly have experienced yourself, because it takes place before you were born.

Many years ago, when I was about 12, I had a vivid dream in which I was a young boy being chased through a village. It was a colonial village, with a blacksmith and cobbled roads and pathways. A man chased me past the blacksmiths and some stores or shops, down an alleyway and I managed to escape by jumping over a stone wall and running down to a stream and then into the trees.

I have never forgotten the core elements of this dream. Even now, I can still remember bits of it. It seemed to be taking place around 120–150 years ago, and as the boy, I was in very poor clothes with bare feet.

About four years after I had this dream, a friend of my sister’s took me to a historic area of Auckland (NZ), where I had never been before, and as we walked around, I realized with a huge shock that this was where the dream took place. She saw my face and asked what was wrong. When I…



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