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I remember only one story I wrote as a kid. Later, I wrote funny poems about people, long letters to my dad, and then some little stories and poems for my writing class. I know people who’ve taken 50 years to write what’s in their heart, because a school teacher…

How can you see how to change things if you are submerged in it all?

It’s common for writers to go on retreats. We venture to isolated spots where we can be alone and write.

But how often do you hear of other people doing this? Ordinary people with everyday jobs and lives? If they’re not writers, what would they get out of it?


Home is where the heart is, but too many hearts are being broken by a ruthless quarantine system

Imagine this. After many years away from your home country, Covid hits. You are in lockdown where you live. Your home country slams the door shut. Nobody allowed in, nobody ordinary anyway.

Instead of being able to visit your family whenever you can, you are shut out. You struggle with…

You could even use someone else’s — who’s going to sue you?

One of my best friends, Doris, was a very funny woman. She had trained as an actress back in York, UK, and her writing classes were a ball. So when Doris died, you might be able to guess what she wanted on her gravestone — “I told you I was…

Sherryl Clark

Writer, teacher, editor, book lover — www.sherrylclarkwritingcoach.com is where I offer editing and manuscript development services.

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